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Technology Information

The Technical Process for Laser processing Leather Belt

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2018-01-30 Share:         Back to list

laser processing leather

As a indispensable element for fashion , leather belt play a vital role although people always turn a blidn eye on it . But do you know the processing technical for it ? Below we will bring you the laser processing technology . 

laser cutting leather belt

Leather belt marking

All kinds of logo and pattern can be printed on the leather belt by laser printing machine quickly ,the coking level reflect the level of the image . 

laser hollowing leather

Leather belt hollow & printing

All kinds of delicate pattern will be formed efficiently by impaling the leather material with laser cutting machine or laser print machine

laser punching leather,laser processing leather

Buckle hollow 

More fashionable and characteristic pattern can be hollow engraved by laser cutting machine or laser printing machine . 

laser hollowing belt fastener,laser processing leather

Buckle printing 

The logo and pattern printed by laser printing machine looks more delicate and artistic

laser marking leather,laser processing leather

laser marking belt fastener, laser processing leather

Leather laser marking, laser hollowing, metal marking, metal hollowing

laser marking leather, laser hollowing leather, metal marking and metal hollowing

【Recommend laser processing metal cutting machine (CMA1325C-G-G Fiber Laser Cutting machine

fiber laser cutting machine

【Recommend laser processing Leather Belt marking machine (MF20-E-A Fiber Laser Marking Machine)

fiber laser marker

【Recommend laser processing Leather Belt co2 hollowing machine (MC180-D-C Triaixal Dynamic CO2 Laser Cutting Machine)

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