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Designer Handbags & leather Laser Cutting Machine

By : Han's Yueming Laser Group 2017-05-08 Share:         Back to list

Women seem to be born collectors of handbags, who will squander on a fancy bag even when she is feeling the pinch. As is believed, a woman’s handbag choice says much about her taste of fashion and a nice one could well be a lovely finishing touch for her exquisite makeup.

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The name of Anya Hindmarch always reminds us of the stylish handbags in its show windows, handbags that are full of childish playfulness and will keep seducing dollars out of your purse once you cast an eye on them. Graffiti and stickers have been the most favored decoration on Ana Hanmarch handbags. Now with laser cutting machine as its right-hand man, Anya Hindmarch once again amazed its audience in spring 2017 New York fashion week.

leather laser cutting machine,handbag laser cutting machine,leather laser cutting

Combing laser technology and craftsmanship, designers turned geometries into new elements of fashion.


style="white-space: nowrap;">The craftsmanship embodied in Anya Hindmarchhand bags only makes one more fascinated by them if possible. The truth is laser cutting machine is becoming the fashion industry’s right-hand man in producing fashion items. With the help of laser cutting machine, designers feel free to explore the limits of their imagination and turn a brilliant idea into another hit product.

leather laser cutting machine,handbag laser cutting machine,leather laser cutting

Then what makes laser cutting machine so popular among designers?

First, it’s environment-friendly producing no wastes from the working process. Second, designs can be done on the computer and measurements are done in millimeters, leading to better utilization of materials. Third, laser cutting machine can be used for other purposes including drilling, engraving and piercing/hollowing, with applied materials ranging from leather, woolens to denim and other fabrics.

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